Tips for Buying Car Batteries

If you listen to the experts at Consumer Reports, you would be able to find great tips for purchasing just about anything under the sun, including car batteries. What they advise makes good sense and includes tips such as:

Being proactive and having a good vendor in mind before you even need a new battery, as well as knowing when you can expect your vehicle to need a new battery

Testing batteries annually to be sure it is in good shape and has not aged faster due to seasonal challenges and so on

Buying a battery suited to both your vehicle and the way you drive

Finding out which types did best in any professional testing (some batteries do better in cold climates and others in warmer ones, so those in the Detroit and Lincoln Park areas will want to find out which perform best in such seasonal conditions)

Buying fresh car batteries is best. What that means is one that hasn’t been sitting around on a shelf for a long time and is no older than six months

Working with a vendor that is going to recycle the old battery and offer you a refund for doing so

Ensuring your battery comes with a warranty

Finding a vendor that has installation services

That seems like a lot to know about car batteries, but when the moment comes for a new one, you won’t regret having done the legwork and finding the ideal supplier. While it is always a good idea to find vendors that specialize in batteries alone, you also want one that offers up all of the major brands including ACDelco, DieHard, Optima, Motorcraft and more. If they also offer refurbished batteries that are as good as new and free replacement warrantees, it is even better.

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