How Cardio Helps You Build More Muscle

Some out there who want to get into shape and build their muscles worry that if they do cardio, they are going to strip away their muscle tissue. The believe that cardio is going to be counterproductive to building a strong and athletic looking body. However, when cardio training is applied properly, it can help to stimulate even more muscle growth while helping to decrease the amount of fat you are carrying around with you.

There has been a range of studies that have shown the benefit of using aerobic training to help with an increase in muscle growth. The author of one of the studies, Matthew Harber, Ph.D., found that intense cardio training could help to provide just as much muscle growth as would be expected with resistance exercise.

Does this mean that you should only start doing cardio and expect to build strong, large muscles? No, but it means that you will want to make sure that cardio is incorporated into your workouts. Most will agree that the best course of action is to have both cardio and strength training in your workouts. It can give you everything you need.

However, it is important that the cardio is implemented into the workout program properly. Ideally, you will be working with a training program that has instructors who can provide you with these types of workouts. They can ensure that you are doing the right exercises at the right intensity for your fitness level to provide you with the best possible results.

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