Different Alarm Types

There are several types of alarms that can be used in an alarm system in Chicago, some of which you might even think of adding onto your own system or make sure that they are part of a new system. Of course, in no way would you not have a burglar alarm, but are you aware of everything one can do? Typically, they consist of:

* Door and window sensors
* Motion detection sensors
* Keypad
* Control panel
* Signs stating that “You are protected”

You can have then installed by hardwiring them in to your existing electrical system or go the wireless route.

Safety Alarms

A safety alarm is just what it sounds like. They are a way of alerting you and/or your monitoring company to the presence of smoke or fire. They can be customized with a strobe or other sorts of flashing lights for homes where hearing-impaired people live or for seniors who are hard of hearing. They can even emit a high-pitched noise for those who are seeing impaired. It is true what they say, “where there is smoke, there is fire” and to be prepared for that possibility, you should have smoke detectors all through your home and fire alarms as well.

Medical Alarms

People are living longer now than at any other time and with aging there can be issues. You can install a standalone system which generally involves a piece of jewelry which allows you to call for help. This is a voice activated system. You can include medical alarms into your home security system by having a button on the keypad that signals distress.

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