4 Essential Things to Do When You Hire a Dog Walker

Dogs, especially big ones, need plenty of exercises to stay fit and healthy. That means a good, long walk every day. But if you’re stuck at the office 5 days a week and you leave your furry friend alone in your apartment for most of the day, it’s going to be difficult to make those daily walks happen. At least, not without hiring a pro to help you out.

However, finding one is a different story. Want to make sure you’re handing your pet over to trustworthy people? Here are handy tips to hiring a dog walker in NYC:

Start with recommendations
Ask friends and family—especially dog owners in your circle—for referrals and recommendations. Chances are, they’ve already encountered this problem before and could offer you helpful suggestions.

Decide what’s important
This will also involve identifying your dog’s needs. Does he love playing with other dogs in the park or is he the sort that likes being on his own? If you’ve got a puppy, then your pet is sure to have boundless energy. You’ll want a dog walker who knows how to effectively deal with these things.

Do the interview
Bring your dog along to the interview so your dog and the walker could meet each other. Watch the walker’s body language. Is s/he firm and assertive with your dog or will your dog end up bullying your walker? Consider these before you hire a dog walker in NYC, says Cesar’s Way.

Cover the basics
Don’t forget to ask about the logistics. Where will the walker take your dog? Does s/he have enough experience to handle your pet, especially if yours prove to be shy? How long will the walks take? What kind of training or background does your walker have? Is your walker licensed and bonded? Be sure to ask before you pick a walker for your pet.

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